Saturday, May 17, 2008

Harry Joseph, Six Months Old

January 16, 2008 @ 8:40 pm

Dear Harry,

Happy half birthday! If these first 6 months are any indication, the next 6 are going to fly by. Half a year with you and I already forget what it was like before you (but maybe that is the sleep deprivation talking). You’re starting solid food this week and have not liked it very much. I know you still prefer your “nursies” but I’m excited to start cooking for you. We have learned that bananas make you cringe. We’ll keep that up for the next few days. Next week, we try squash! I’m looking forward to those leftovers.

One new thing we’re dealing with is a milk shortage. I took a pumping break over winter vacation and our freezer stash dwindled and died. Then heading back to work, my pumping output dropped by half. Top that off with some lost bottles that were left out too long and you’ve got yourself a food shortage. I’ve had to pump 4 times today to try to make up some ground. Even so, by the end of my work day, you have had it with bottles and you typically fuss until I get home. I’m hoping you take to the solids so that your milk intake during the workday slows down some. I’m willing to nurse all evening long (note, I said “evening” not “night!) and get up early and feed you. I can manage 3 pumps a day, but 4 is really pushing it.

The other big thing we are working on is sleep. You don’t sleep well. You are a crappy sleeper and have been from day one. There. I said it. You sleep lightly and not a lot and you do not like to sleep unless you are held, or driven or walked. This means that mom and dad have NO alone time together, unless we drive you to sleep and keep you in the car seat to extend the nap. Let’s just say that 6 months of that is taking its toll. That and the waking every two hours to nurse have meant that I’m constantly tired and stressed, both at work and at home.

We are using a book called “The No-Cry Sleep Solution” to try to gently transition you to more independent sleep. You now have a lovey bear and a blanket that we use at bed time to try to cue you to sleep. We have the crib in a side-car position to the bed and are trying to gradually get it so we can put you in there for bed time. (Naps are another issue.) You are starting to give us one 4 hour stretch to start the night, followed by 2 hour chunks. This is where we were at around 11 weeks, when I went back to work. My return to work then set us way back and we’re only just recovering. I hope we can continue on this better path.

You’d never know you were a rough sleeper, though. You are so cheery and active and alert. (All. The. Time.) You are very mobile and verbal. Your new thing is getting from all fours to feet flat on the floor, supported by your hands. I read that this is called the “Bear Crawl.” You are already good at the “Crab Crawl” which is backwards, much to your dismay. You have even tried to pull yourself to standing a couple of times. It hasn’t worked yet, but I know you won’t be happy until you succeed. We’ve got to get baby-proofing before you start walking! On the verbal front, you love to babble and shreik. When you’re upset, you say “Mumumumum, nininini, na ba da ga” or some variation of that. (The “mum” part makes me happy.) You don’t repeat things yet, but you have learned to bang things. Loudly. In rhythm. Over and over. With single -minded purpose. Oh what fun!

Right now, I am holding you while you sleep and typing with one hand. I do this a lot. But looking down at your sweet, sleepy face, I know I won’t be doing this forever. Someday, you’ll run from my kisses and cuddles. Someday, you’ll sleep in your own bed all by yourself…until noon. Someday, you’ll drink milk from the gallon jug in the fridge. So, forgive my typos as I cherish this time just a little bit.



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