Friday, February 11, 2011

Land Before Time

Harry's class is learning about dinosaurs. This has raised some questions.

Harry: "Where can I see a volcano?"

Me: "Well, not around here. There are some islands that have volcanoes, like Icela..."

Harry: "Like and island with dinosaurs? Can we go there so I can see them?"

Me: "No, sweetie. Dinosaurs are extinct. That means they died out. They aren't around anymore."

Harry: "They're not stinkt. They're just far away. (Thinks a bit) Like Costco and Home Depot are far away."

Me: "Are there dinosaurs at Costco?"

Harry: "No, Mommy! They're just far away. Like Mimi and Pop's house. How do dinosaurs get so big?"

Me: "Well, they started little, like when they hatch from their eggs, and then they grew big. But, sweetie, they are extinct. They aren't around anymore."

Harry: "Yes. They are just far away. I can go see them on an island."

Me: "OK. Goodnight, Harry."