Saturday, March 6, 2010


I know this blog has been silent. I can't use Blogger at work anymore (new Firewall) and that is usually my only uninterrupted computer time. I can safely bet that I don't have much time right now either, so here's some tidbits.

Harry spent most of today outside and just at 5 pancakes (and counting...). I think he's going to sleep well tonight! He is putting 4-5 word sentences together and has had 4 ear infections this season. He's been diagnosed with mild hearing loss and we may be looking at tubes. His sensory seeking behavior ramps WAAAYYY up when he doesn't feel well and it has made for a long winter.

Nathan is learning how to clap, has his top two teeth just breaking through and is cruising all over the place. He says Mama and Dada and lots of other sounds. He has a laugh and smile that are bigger than he is. He's enormous, however. Some of his 18 month sleepers are getting hard to zip. I think he and Harry will be sharing a lot of clothes.

They are really starting to play more together. Bath time is hilarious, as is seeing Harry make Nathan laugh. I'm so glad we are getting some nice weather. I think a little relief from this cabin fever will do us all some good!