Saturday, November 21, 2009

Says You: Update

Fun pronunciation guide to Harry's speech at 28 months. (A few more added, 11/25)

Back-u-beaner: vacuum cleaner
Dut Buster: dust buster
Water-a-can: watering can
Lawn mowder: lawn mower
Dorge: George (i.e. Curious George)
Pood: food
Leaf bowder: leaf blower
A-bate: bass (i.e. Daddy's bass)
iPah: iPod
M-num-m-num: M&M's (bribery tool!)
Moobie: movie
Docker: doctor
Duckter: conductor
Dukin Donit: Dunkin' Donuts
Nana: banana
Carming: Carmen (our cat)
Hottie: sorry
Hahdee: Harry
Cared: scared
Lemon-Aidan: lemonade
Whoa-mee-dee: rosemary
Open-ador: open the door
Vidideo: video

I know there's more. He talks all the time these days. Such a huge change. He'll resort to grunting and pointing when he's tired, but mostly it's like having a tiny echo around here. Good times.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

All You Can Eat

Nathan is at that stage where everything in the world is DELICIOUS! Nothing is too metallic, or fur covered. One would not want to miss out on something TASTY just because it wasn't FOOD! Nutritional value be dammed! You never know where you might find something nourishing. Places such as...

Harry's Little Red Racer Wagon!
The cat bowl!
That door jamb!
Mommy's pajamas!
All over the carpet!

Luckily, he is only scooting backwards, but he is fast! And determined! To taste everything! So, don't stand still too long, unless you want to be savored. You might be just the snack he is looking for!