Monday, April 25, 2011

Optimus Prime 2012!

The boys got new piggy banks last week (Thanks Mimi & Pop!) and they became enthralled by putting in money and taking it out. This is Nathan's first bank, so he was particularly excited. One night, after his bath, but while Harry was still in the tub, Nate and I sat on his floor and dumped out all the coins in order to put them back in. He was looking at all the coins and picked up a penny, showing me the Lincoln side.

"Guy," said Nathan
"That's former president Lincoln," I said.
"Link," said Nathan.

He picked up a quarter.

"Guy," said Nathan
"That's former president Washington," I said.
"Wash," said Nathan.
"These coins all have former presidents on them," I said. "Kennedy, Roosevelt, and Jefferson." (Yes, I talk to my almost two year old this way. I'm a geek.)

Harry called out from the tub across the hall, "Mommy? Why are there Transformer presidents? What do they transform into?"

"I don't know, Harry. What should they transform into?"

"Trucks, so they can do construction!"

I wonder if that would count as job creation?