Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Harry Joseph, Seven Months Old

February 18, 2008 @ 10:22 am

Dear Harry,
It is hard to believe you are seven months this week. I have to admit, I was so focused on reaching 6 months with nursing that I haven’t really thought beyond that point. What do I do with a seven month old? Well, I’ll tell you. I will be chasing you around the house! I have joked since you were born that I gave birth to a toddler. You are a big boy and you have done everything early from the very beginning. You seem to be in a hurry to get to all your milestones. First, smiling, then head control, rolling, sitting, pushing up, rocking and now babbling, crawling and standing. No wonder you hardly sleep. You’re too busy!

Speaking of sleep, since we finally decided to admit to co-sleeping, you and I have both slept better. Not to say that we haven’t had a few nights of hourly wake-ups, but you have gone down easier and slept sounder since coming to bed full-time and since becoming mobile. I think the physical activity has been good for you. You now like to sleep on your tummy with your feet tucked up and your bum in the air. It is quite adorable, and it’s all I can do to keep from patting your caboose all night long. Daddy even says your naps are better, and there have been several times in the last few weeks that I have been able to nurse you down and leave you for 45 minutes to an hour for some alone time with Daddy. Unheard of! In fact lately, we’ve noticed that you give us 4-5.5 hours at a stretch if you go to bed later. That means less alone time for us, but I’ll take the sleep for now. Today is a holiday and we all slept until 9:00. What bliss!

In other news, we got you your first ball this week and you knew just what to do with it. You spent a good 10-15 minutes batting it up and down the hallway, babbling with joy. We also got you a toy cell phone to distract you from our real cell phones. It says 18+ months, but there are no small parts, so have at it! You have taken to your vegetables much more in the last week or so. So far, you’ve had squash, sweet potato, carrots and peas. You even had your first applesauce this week, because you were a little (ahem) “blocked up” from too much oatmeal. You don’t take that much solid food, and you still nurse like a champ, but you seem to enjoy what you have. You’re too young to have solids replace nursing, but it is good practice.

I got a new toy for myself this week: a Storchenwiege Baby Sling. You have always loved being wrapped. First in the Moby wrap and then in the one I made. In between, we have used a Babyhawk Mei Tai. The “storch” (Anna print - lovely!) has been great so far. I have been able to soothe you to sleep by walking and singing to you. Imagine that! Sleep without nursies first! We have also used it when out on errands and I like being able to pre-tie it and pop you in and out. I need to practice some different positions. I hope by the Summer I’ll be good enough to get you on my back.

One thing that is bothering you is your teeth. They aren’t here yet, but boy are they tough. We feel so bad for you when you wake up crying and rubbing your gums. Tylenol helps a bit and so do Hyland’s teething tablets and frozen toys and washcloths, but the best remedy will be for them to just hurry up and break through. For a couple of nights in a row, you woke up between 11:30 and 1:00 needing Tylenol. The first night, you couldn’t get back to sleep, so Daddy took you upstairs from 1:30-3:00. The next night, Daddy walked you for a few minutes and you fell asleep in his arms. He laid you down next to me and you turned over on your tummy and slept for 3.5 hours. Daddy is my hero. It’s so sweet how you try to remain your chipper self while in pain. You try to smile and be happy, but then you whimper and cry and try to smile at the same time. What a trooper!

Another thing bothering you is the car seat. The last few days have included major car meltdowns to the point of us pulling over so I can try to calm you down. I don’t know if it is separation anxiety or your deep hatred of shoulder straps, but you haven’t done this since you were a wee one. Can we get over it, please? Daddy and I would like to get out of the house sometimes. I’ve noticed that you are ok when we go places, but then, after I get you out and walk you around somewhere in the cozy wrap, you don’t transition well back to the car seat. The other day, I sat in back with you to try to keep you calm and you were grabbing at the wrap and wailing like, “Why did you take me out!?” If I could hold you in the car, I would, but it’s not safe. It breaks your mother’s heart a little bit, Harry.

When I think of all the things you have outgrown in the last seven months (the swing, the bumbo seat, the exersaucer, the changing table, the bath pad, the buckle carrier, the co-sleeper bassinet and countless outfits) it makes me wonder if we’ll even recognize the little guy you’ll be at one year. We’re getting closer every day and you are moving so fast. I wish I could slow you down just a little so we could make sure we remember all these “baby days.” Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up, Harry, it ain’t all they promise it to be.


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