Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Harry Joseph, 2 years, 1.5 months old

Dear Harry,

Mama is very late with this post because I can barely keep up with you! You are so much fun to be around that I hate to spend time on the computer while you are awake. Plus, you rarely let me do silly things like check my email, never mind write a blog post.

You are talking up a storm these days! You say new things every day and are using words to ask for things and tell us stuff. It is so fun to hear you talk! Your new speech therapist is awesome. She works with you on things you like, like rhythm and movement. You have said things for her that you had never said for us before. She got you to say "Mommy" by using a drum and beating the syllables. (You sometimes call me that now, which is so sweet!) You started a new EI playgroup last week and it too was awesome. Much more hands on than our previous groups. In fact, the services here in our new town are just leaps and bounds above where we lived before. You have your 6 month reevaluation this week and I'm hoping you don't test out because I think you will really start to blossom with more help.

Your current obsession is the lawn mower. You love it. You hate it. You fear it. You talk about it all the time. We bought you a toy one and you like to mow around the house. We made a game of having you chase us with it while screaming and now you just run around with it screaming. It's hilarious. I think Daddy should do that while mowing the lawn just to freak out the neighbors. You like to say "vroom, vroom" and then ask "Dada?" Then I say, "Dada, mowing?" and you say "Baby" and I say "Baby mowing!?" and you laugh and shake you head as if to say, "Mother, that would be ridiculous." It's your favorite comedy routine.

You also love your new bike. We bought you a tricycle for your birthday and you were having none of it. You wanted a real bike. We caved after several weeks of hearing you say "Bike? Bike? Bike? Bike? Bike? Bike? Bike? Bike?" and trying to steal bikes from the 8 year olds on the next block. The trike will be good for Nathan's first birthday. You love your bike helmet almost as much as your bike an you wear it everywhere. Not a bad thing for you, my little road runner.

2 miles from our new house is the Children's Discovery Museum. My work ID gets 2 of us in for free, so we have gone once a week for a few weeks. There is a train room and a "ball" room where you can set off chain reactions, a water room and much more. You love it and call it "Rarr rarr!" because there is a giant dinosaur out front, who you imagine must roar. So, every time we pass the "Dino House" you have to pipe up with "Rarr rarr! Go? Go?" When we pass by, you inevitably let out a very sad sigh. Even though it makes you sad, I am so happy to hear you using your voice to ask for things. And it is so great that you are aware enough of your surroundings to see something you like and to have the skills to ask for it and express your disappointment. It shows a whole thought process and complex comprehension. So, even though I can't say yes to all your requests, keep asking, Pumpkin Bear! You are doing so well!


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