Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Time

I've fallen off the blog, here. With a toddler, a newborn and the move to our new house, it has been difficult to find a spare moment when one of the boys (hubby included) or the cats doesn't need something from me. When I do get online, it is usually on my iPod, which is OK for typing email, but not blog posts. That is the main reason I missed Harry's 23 month letter, but I promise to make it up for his birthday next week.

There is much to write about, such as how I must be the snugly-est person around, because I make babies who don't like to be put down, or how my milk makes babies really fat and delicious, or how we can't get Nathan to take a bottle, or how he prefers to sleep on his tummy (which scares me), or how we have way too much furniture, yet not quite enough of the "right" furniture for this house, or how weird yet nice it is to be in a suburban neighborhood, or all the plans we have to fix up this place, or how sweet it is when Harry gives Nate "kisses", or how we are starting Occupational Therapy with Harry for his sensory seeking issues, or how his speech seems to increase in volume when Nathan is asleep, or Harry's obsession with basketball, or how my hair is taking on a life of its own, or how my maternity leave is passing waaay too quickly. But there is little time. Sad to say, I will have more time once my leave is over.

Until then, posting may be light. After that, I plan to expand on more topics than just motherhood, but I need to figure out a blog title that suits me. It will probably come to me in a flash during a late night nursing session, but I'll be darned if anything could tear me away from sweet, snugly, night time nursies.

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