Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Joseph, Twenty-four Months Old

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin Bear!

As I write this, you are (finally) asleep in your room with Brahms 1 on the radio. I am in the family room of our new house, enjoying some Cappuccino Fudge cake (not your birthday cake, but some left over from company this week) and listening simultaneously to the frogs outside and your brother's baby monitor. All is quiet. I hope it lasts.

You had a great day today. French toast with presents for breakfast (baseball PJs and a "Twilight Turtle") with a sport themed table that will stay up until your party this weekend. We went to a music class after that, but you were overwhelmed by the noise and people and spent it covering your ears. We left early and got a nice tea and fruit plate at the cafe before our walk home. After lunch, we went to the park and then came home to play with some friends (bigger boys - your favorite!) in the yard. Then...your tricycle arrived! Daddy built it and took you out for a spin before going to get pizza. After bathtime, you had a birthday cupcake with a "2" candle and watched a bit of "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh". Then it was the regular bedtime battle, but I won't dwell on that on your birthday.

For the record, here are some of your favorite things at age 2:

(or DEE! as you still call it)




All caps and a million exclamation points cannot express your enthusiasm. You still don't have many words, but you express yourself with your entire body. Signing by kicking (soccer), swinging your arms (baseball), pretending to dribble (basketball), and waving your hands in circles (bike) with all your might. Running, well, that is self explanatory. You just run off. We are trying to teach you "safe" and "not safe". No real luck with that yet. Meanwhile, we got you a kiddie harness, or "leash" so you can walk and be independent, but be safe. I just ignore the stares. You love it and it's more exercise than the stroller.

You have your tantrum moments, but you are just the happiest little boy I've ever seen. You are very friendly and are quick to try to give hugs to other kids, which is sweet (though not everyone likes that). More than anything, you just want to play with other kids. I hope we can find some groups out here in the suburbs. Early Intervention hasn't kicked in yet, but maybe we can get something going there. We are doing a gymn class once a week and you LOVE that. You are allowed to climb and roll and run and jump. You like to run to the middle of the room and clap, just like the teacher does. You'll be running the class if you keep that up!

You've done so well with the changes we've had around here. First Nate, then the move and then I'm about to go back to work. I'm very nervous about that and also very sad. I miss so much time with you already because I'm tied to Nate by the nursies. I feel like I missed so much time while I was pregnant too. I promise to carve out some Mama-Harry time soon so we can make up for all this. As your brother gets older, we'll all be able to have lots more fun together.

I cannot believe you are two, Harry. So grown up, but still my baby. Always my baby. I can't wait to watch you blossom this year. We've come so far and we have much fun ahead of us. Sleep well, birthday boy.

All my love,

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