Saturday, June 28, 2008

Harry's Babies

This happened a couple of weeks ago at out Saturday play group and again today, but I hadn't had a chance to write about it.

So, we were at group when one of the other babies (a girl we'll call E) came in riding in her stroller. E had fallen asleep on the walk to group, so her mom had put her baby doll in the back pocket of the stroller. From across the room, Harry spotted it and made a beeline. He took the baby out of the stroller pocket and started patting it and giving it kisses. It was really sweet. I thought he'd then start tossing it about (his form of love is a little rough sometimes) but he was very gentle and kind. He saw it again today and did the same thing, though this time he took it right out of E's hands. Oops. Later, he and E had a little case game going and he kept trying to pat her head and kiss her.

I'm not sure what my point is, but it was pretty cute. He just loves other kids and animals and isn't afraid to show affection. I love that he is so outgoing, but I just have to wonder where it comes from, with a pair of introverts for parents.

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grantie said...

Dear Harry,
I wish I could have seen you with your friends at group. I'm happy that you are so sweet with the other babies both real and pretend. Would you like a pretend baby for your birthday? It's okay for boys to like babies. It means that you will be a kind daddy some day!
Your friend Charity says hello and sends you a wet kiss. Just like one of yours! She likes you, but doesn't like to be poked with plastic forks. She says she is a real dog, not a hotdog!!
Much love,