Monday, June 2, 2008

Harry Joseph, Nine Months Old

April 15, 2008 @ 7:33 pm

Dear Harry,

As of this week, you have been on the outside as long as you were on the inside. How do you like it so far? I like you much better on the outside, I can tell you. It’s way more fun.

This month has kicked us all in the butt. It started with the big trip out West and went downhill from there. We’ve had back-to-back colds, teething trouble (still no teeth!), separation anxiety, sleep regression, crappy naps, growth spurt, daytime gigs for dad throwing off our pumping schedule leading to formula supplements. It has been rough. We are counting down to the end of classes when I can go to work at 9 instead of 8. Then, after commencement, I can go in at 10. I think things will be better after April. This month is just full of so much stuff that we are, once again, in survival mode. I think we all have bags under our eyes.

We have given up on the idea that you will ever sleep in the crib. You will go from co-sleeping straight to a big-boy bed, it seems. We put a full size mattress on your floor and use that when we want to put you down alone. You love climbing up and down on it all day long and will sleep on your own there for as long as an hour! As long as we can get a little alone sleep from you every now and again, your parents will retain their sanity. The crib will be a play pen for you until such time that we set it up as a full size guest bed and you inherit your great-grandparent’s bedroom set. I even went out and bought linens for you this week because I heard they were discontinuing the line. Since I call you my “Harry-Bear” and my “Pumpkin-Bear” (I know, “Mom! You’re embarrassing me!”) we went with the Woolrich Bear collection:

It is very soft and cuddly, just like you. I hope you like it. I know I will like snuggling with you under the quilt and Daddy will like to pretend we are camping.

Despite our difficulties this month, you have started doing some exciting things like dancing to your favorite music imitating Daddy when he does the growly bear noise at you, making little “Brrrrp!” noises at the kitties and waving hello and goodbye. You are exploring your voice and can shriek with the best of them and your laugh is quite contagious. You are cruising on the furniture to beat the band and have earned the nick-name “destructo-boy” as you like to tear down all our DVDs from the bookcase. When that is done, you proceed to pull off the plastic “child-proof” protector from the DVR and press the buttons. After that, it is time to see if you can unplug the cable cord. When that fails, it’s off to inspect the outlet covers. Then maybe it’s time to find every little speck of something gross on the carpet and try to eat it. And on and on. You keep us on our toes, Harry-Joe.

You have boundless energy and will stay up and play all day, if we let you. We finally broke down and started playing a video for you because it helps you slow down and transition into quiet time. We chose “Baby Neptune” from the Baby Einstein series because of the fish. You love the fish tank and this video is all about water. You love it and it only takes about 10 minutes for your body to relax and get into night-night mode. It is the only time you will sit quietly on our laps, my little Energizer Bunny. I can sneak in all the kisses I want during movie time. Or, have a phone conversation or straighten up the room. Amazing.

I can’t believe we only have 3 months until your birthday. Every month that passes, I look back at how you have changed. 3 months ago, you were just starting to crawl. What will you be doing in another 3 months? I can’t even begin to imagine. Our days and our hearts are so much fuller than we ever could have imagined 18 months ago when I peed on that stick on election day. The time has gone so fast that I just want to press pause sometimes. I already look at you and wonder where my baby has gone. You are in such a hurry to be a little boy. Let’s slow down and take a nice nap and enjoy 9 months. OK?



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