Monday, June 2, 2008

Harry Joseph, Ten Months Old

May 13, 2008

(Reposting this one to get the letters in order.)
Dear Harry,

This week, you turn 10 months old. Double digits my boy! How is that possible? We are so close to a year now that I'm having to come to terms with your looming toddler-hood.

I've been saying all along that I feel like I gave birth to a toddler, and I do believe that you are going to come into your own once you are walking. Right now, you are lazy, though. We try to encourage you to walk with rolling toys and by holding your hands, but you are impatient for us to let you get down and crawl. You're like, "Screw this! I can get there faster on all fours! Let me go!" You can balance pretty well standing, but you don't quite realize the potential that position has. You only see letting go of the furniture as a means to lower yourself to the floor, but Daddy claims he has seen you take a couple mini steps without realizing you aren't holding on to sanything. I'm not trying to rush you, but let's keep that up! I know certain things will be easier when you can walk. I've thrown my back out a couple of times carrying you, so it would be nice to have options.

Sleep is still an elusive thing. Yesterday and today were good nap days, but last night was restless. We are still waiting for your first tooth and I think we're getting closer, but they really seem to bother you some nights and you want to nurse the pain away. You now sleep in your room on a "big boy bed" which is a full size mattress we recently bought for you. I've been in here with you for about a week. You've just been too active at night to be in our bed. We're looking at this as a transition to when we night wean this summer. I think I'll get the neighbors some ear plugs for that because I can't imagine you'll like going without your nursies. I miss being with Daddy, but the good news is that you will give us a nice chunk of time between 7:30-ish to about 9:30-ish where we can do grown up things. I usually have to go nurse you back down at least once, but it's getting more consistent all the time.

You love going to play group and seeing the other babies. You have started wanting to kiss all the babies you see - in the mirror, in books, photos, real life. It's cute, but your version of kissing is pressing your open wet mouth to their faces and going, "MWAH." It's sweet, yet slimy. I'm not sure the real babies appreciate it the way your Daddy and I do. You are really starting to enjoy "playing" (if you can call it that) with other kids and we look forward to bringing you to the park and the pool this summer. We've got a good group of parents and kids all around the same age that do regular meet-ups and you are pretty comfortable with them. It's nice to see you crawl over to one of the other moms to smile and babble hello. You usually reserve that for the mom who has the snacks, though.

Next week, I start my summer work schedule, which is very light. I'm looking forward to getting a good routine down so that we have a solid schedule in place for the fall. This school year has been really hard on me. I feel like I've been dropping the ball all over the place. I need a break to get my act together. We'll be able to enjoy some vacation days together and I hope get some much needed rest. In fact, I think I'll go join you in bed right now.


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