Monday, March 14, 2011

The ring of what?

More preschool prehistoric fun!

In keeping with the volcanic theme, we've had the book "Volcanoes!" out from the library for nearly a month now. (Apologies to any elementary students needing it for a science report!) Harry claims that Daddy used to be a vulcanologist "a long long time ago" and had one of those awesome silver heat suits. He claims that about nearly everything - race car driver, construction worker, scuba diver. Daddy has been busy in his past lives, apparently. Also, it proves that Harry believes Daddy can do anything. (*Melt*)

Mostly, he loves to look at the map showing the Ring of Fire so he can try to count all the volcanoes. So, our conversation has been going like this. (Note, this was before the events in Japan.)

Me: And this is the Ring of Fire, where there is a lot of volcanic activity. We live over here (points to east coast) and Grandma and Grampa live over here (points to west coast).

Harry: (Starts counting very fast, skipping and making up numbers.) Do Grampa and Grampa (He can't say grandma for some reason.) have a volcano?

Me: No, but they have earthquakes out there. That's when the ground shakes like a train rumbling by.

Harry: What does an earthquake look like? How does it come out of the ground?

Me: You don't see an earthquake. You feel it. We've had some where we live, but not big like in the Ring of Fire. Daddy was in a big earthquake. You can ask him.

Harry: Can we go to the Ring of Fire and see the lava?

Me: You'd like to go see a volcano? Like here? (points to picture of Hawaii's Volcano National Park.)

Harry: (excited now) Yes! And then to the Ring of Dinosaurs!

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