Friday, February 11, 2011

Land Before Time

Harry's class is learning about dinosaurs. This has raised some questions.

Harry: "Where can I see a volcano?"

Me: "Well, not around here. There are some islands that have volcanoes, like Icela..."

Harry: "Like and island with dinosaurs? Can we go there so I can see them?"

Me: "No, sweetie. Dinosaurs are extinct. That means they died out. They aren't around anymore."

Harry: "They're not stinkt. They're just far away. (Thinks a bit) Like Costco and Home Depot are far away."

Me: "Are there dinosaurs at Costco?"

Harry: "No, Mommy! They're just far away. Like Mimi and Pop's house. How do dinosaurs get so big?"

Me: "Well, they started little, like when they hatch from their eggs, and then they grew big. But, sweetie, they are extinct. They aren't around anymore."

Harry: "Yes. They are just far away. I can go see them on an island."

Me: "OK. Goodnight, Harry."

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Philip said...

I think Harry would be too impressionable for some of the old dinosaur flicks available at Netflicks but the time may come. Now, we have the closest relative to the old dinosaurs here in SC. Alligators!!! Pretty primative and pretty common. Come on down !!!
Loved the Q&A. Only a kid like Harry would have that reasoning power. Love, Pop