Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Put Another Nickel In

I swear we didn't do this to him. Harry came up with this all on his own. Yeah, right, you say. A pair of classical musicians for parents and they're NOT pushing him towards music. It is true, I tell you. He has led the way. Harry has always responded well to music, whether it is me singing to him or playing one of his CDs in his room. He will stop and listen and then start dancing. He recently learned the sign for "music" and uses it all the time. It's always been a great tool for calming him and we didn't think too much of it. Until now.

Harry's obsession is centered on Daddy's double bass, which Hubby let him touch at an early age. (Mommy's cello is a forbidden object for now - too delicate.) Hubby is preparing for the upcoming BSO audition and has to put in a lot of practice time. Harry was curious at first, and then started signing for "more music" when Daddy would play. He started letting Hubby actually practice during the day while he played with his toys (or tore down DVDs from the shelf) and when Hubby would stop, Harry would walk over and sign "more." It was cute. Now, it has gone even further.

This morning, Harry woke up around 7:00 and as soon as he got out of bed he ran for Daddy and signed "music" before running to the stairs. I followed him and found him pounding on the practice room door signing "more." I told him "after breakfast" and guess where he went at breakneck speed after his prunes and waffles? Hubby tells me he was able to practice an entire hour (more than I've done in over a year) while Harry alternately played and danced and tore things down off shelves. I think Harry wants Daddy to do well at this audition as much as anyone.

So, you can see why we think he might have a "thing" for music. We are shopping for a toy violin (just try finding a toy cello or bass - impossible!) so he can have his own instrument to "play." As much as we joked about him having to be a lawyer or doctor so he could support his starving artist parents, I'll admit, it is pretty cool to see your passion reflected in your child. Just knowing the whole world he has waiting for him and getting to watch him discover it for himself is pretty amazing.

Yesterday, Harry and Hubby stopped by work to drop off some music I'm lending to the BSO. I took Harry upstairs to see the Tchaikovsky 5th Symphony reading session. As I held him up to the door to peek through the window, I saw his eyes get big and he signed "more music" and started reaching for the door handle, squacking loudly. If they had been playing something other than the slow movement, I would have let him run in to the room and just get lost in the sound. He's too young to understand the quiet that needs to proceed the horn solo, so I had to hold him back. But I understand what it feels like to want "more music" and I look forward to sharing that with him.

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