Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Harry Joseph, Fourteen Months Old

Dear Harry,

This post is late, but there is a reason. You have been putting us through sleeping hell for the last five days. After a record breaking night on Monday where you were up until midnight, you went to bed at 9:30 last night and were still asleep this morning when I left at 8:00. I actually got some sleep which means I don't feel like I'm going to die today. Thank you for that.

There are a few reasons that your sleep has been rocky this month. First, you FINALLY have two teeth and two more started peeking out yesterday. Second, you've had a nasty cold since we returned from South Carolina. Third, we set up your big boy room over the weekend. You love your new bed and like to roll around and bounce on it, which does not help you sleep. And fourth, we've begun gentle "mother-led weaning." You no longer get any milkies during the day, so you have been making up for it at night. However, these past few days, that has been letting up. Maybe we are turning a corner?

Some fun firsts this month included your first trip to Mimi & Pop's house in South Carolina. You loved everything from the ceiling fans, to the tile floors, to the ceiling fans, to the glass door, to the porch ,to the ceiling fans, to the ice maker, to the ceiling fans, to the neat toys they had. Did I mention the ceiling fans? You LOVED the ceiling fans. Now, everywhere we go, you point to the fans and make a ffffssssss sound. If they are not turned on, you keep pointing, hoping that they will move on your command.

Another first this month was your first ride on a carousel at Slater Park. You were obsessed with the carousel and would waddle over there whenever I put you down. You danced to the carillon and clapped and generally had a fantastic time. We were there to listen to Daddy play a concert, and you clapped at all the right times, but you were really there for the carousel and the food. We let you taste our fried chicken and you then proceeded to take your own whole piece out of the bag. Same for the chocolate chip cookies. You do love to eat!

This month was long, Harry. Traveling, teething, illness, starting the school year. I felt like I was saying you were "almost 14 months" for a very long time. Even though it seems slow, I know time is really flying by. This morning, I wish I could have pressed pause and stayed snuggled with you and Mu-Mu kitty in your big boy bed. You are turning into a little boy a little more each day and you want to be the "big boy" so much. Baby steps, little one, baby steps.


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