Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Harry Joseph, Twelve Months Old

Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday, baby boy. So many changes in one year, little one. You've really turned into a little boy right before our eyes. This month, you have had many firsts: your first steps, your first outdoor concert, your first trip to the beach, your first time staying with your auntie, uncle and cousin while Mama and Daddy work, your first taste of ice cream. You still have no teeth, but we hope they are coming soon, because you are a miserable drooling mess right now. For future record, here is what you are like at one year old. I'll try to remember all your favorite things. Next week, I'll post the story of how you were born.

You charm everyone you meet with your dimples and your giggles. You are the Mayor of Foster Street, waving at everyone and everything you see all over the neighborhood. You will wave at things all day long. It's your hobby. Everywhere we go, people comment on how happy and handsome you are. We agree! You are tall for your age and everyone says you are going to be a big boy. We think so too and I think I will like having you and Daddy reach things on high shelves for me.

Your favorite food is goldfish crackers (though you love all food and love feeding yourself) and your favorite books have pictures of kitties and doggies. Your favorite toy is the guiro we bought you in Maine. You have learned how to make the right sound with it and you like to hand it to other people so they can try. You love music of all kinds and will stop whatever you are doing to dance a little bit when you hear some. Sometimes you will conduct the music by waving your arms and shaking your head. You love bath time and bubbles. You love animals of all kinds and you love other babies and kids. You love going to the pool and the playground mostly so you can see other kids. You can sign "more," "milk" and "all done" very clearly and you love letting us know what you want. You can say "Mama" "Dada" and "K-K-K" which means "kitty" (or pretty much any other animal). You also make a little sighing sound for "meow." You can point out our eyes and noses when we ask you, but we'd prefer if you wouldn't stick your fingers in them.

Getting you to slow down and rest is still a challenge. The world is just so exciting and you don't want to miss a minute. We take the sleep whenever and wherever it comes - if it comes at all. But waking up to your smile makes it worth the exhaustion. In the morning, when you crawl over to Daddy whispering "Dada-da-da-da," I'm pretty sure that makes his day. I know it makes mine.

There is so much I want to say to you, but it all comes down to this: your Daddy and I love you more than we ever thought it was possible. Our lives will never be the same. You have made our hearts grow. You have opened up a whole world for us. We can't wait to see how you continue to grow and change this year. Time has gone by so fast. I know that at 6 months, we had no idea what would come to be by 1 year. I now cannot imagine what you'll be like by 18 months. Whatever comes, I'm looking forward to the ride.

All my love,


grantie said...

Dear Harry,
You will just love reading your mama's beautiful letters when you are a bigger boy. It's thrilling to read all about your great adventures! There are so many lovely things to see and wave at! Have you seen any butterflies yet?Any hummingbirds? Grantie waves at the ones in her garden in your honor.
Your friend,Charity, has two doggie pals that she plays with in Mrs.Pat's big yard. Yesterday all three had new bones to chew. Maybe they will share their bones with you to help your sore teeth pop through! If I were you I would signal all done doggies!
Love and smootchees,
P.S. Kitty cat Perdie just walked on the keyboard. She typed a 9, an s, and an equal sign! Grantie had to fix this note.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Dear Harry,

Please come visit me in NY since I think we're so much alike!

Baby hugs and waves,