Thursday, July 14, 2011

Custom Invitations. Cheap.

8.5x11 paper (As many sheets as guests.)

Themed stickers (we got a pack of 350 Cars stickers for $3 at iParty.)*

Business envelopes

1. Type up your invitation
2. Print
3. Decorate with stickers (A great job for the birthday kid!)
4. Stuff into envelopes

Voila! You have avoided the 8 invites for $4 that don't have room for your party's particulars and your kid has a cool invite that he or she helped make.

*Alternately, you could do clip art or use themed printer paper, but we don't have a color printer (or really any printer) right now. I printed 30 pages at work. Shhh!

Coming next...Custom Cake. Cheap. (But first, I have to actually do it.)

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