Monday, July 26, 2010

Sweet Potato

Lest it be said that I don't blog much about Nathan, did I mention that he made page one of the local paper?

It's true that, since Nate came along, I haven't blogged much at all. Period. Oh, if I only knew, when I had but one child, how quickly time slips away when you have two! And, also, it is easier to write about the trials and tribulations of a 3 year old, who has so much to say and do. The joys and sorrows of a 1 year old are more, well, subtle, I guess. (Which is not to say that Nathan hasn't got ambitions! And woe be unto he who gets in the way of those ambitions, for there shall be much screaming and crying and throwing of oneself onto the floor in despair! Yea, ye have been warned.) But, it's hard for words to capture the sweetness of his little voice as he talks in his sleep or the excitement of his little face at the sight of a fire truck or the smell of his sweet baby breath in the morning, or the determination in his gait as he sets off to explore. Knowing that he is our last baby, I'm trying my best to just drink it all in.

And how sweet it is.

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