Monday, May 31, 2010

Harry's Angel Cat

I should preface this with the fact that we have a 12 year old black cat named Carmen. She is very shy around the boys. Our other cat, Mumu, age 9, is a grey tortoise shell and more friendly. In fact, she often sleeps with Harry. This story from Harry came out of nowhere. I wanted to preserve it so we can tell him when he's older.

One morning last week, Harry asked me, "Mommy? Where's my white Carmen?" I told him Carmen was outside and he said "No, my white one." I asked if he meant my stuffed kitty, Mimi. Nope. He kept asking every now and then, so I asked him who was white Carmen. Here is what he told me, over the course of the day (we had a few conversations about this, all very consistent).

"My white Carmen is hiding in the bushes. He makes that boo-boo (points to leg) all better when we driving in Mommy's blue car. Mommy driving and my leg bleeding. White Carmen came and licked my boo-boo in the car. My black one (Carmen) can scare me. Not my white one. I can hold him. "

None of this actually happened. He has not had a cut on his leg while I was driving. This had to have been a dream, but he's been talking about it for days. I think it's kind of nice to dream about a cat who heals boo-boos, though. I'd let white Carmen move in any day.

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