Saturday, November 21, 2009

Says You: Update

Fun pronunciation guide to Harry's speech at 28 months. (A few more added, 11/25)

Back-u-beaner: vacuum cleaner
Dut Buster: dust buster
Water-a-can: watering can
Lawn mowder: lawn mower
Dorge: George (i.e. Curious George)
Pood: food
Leaf bowder: leaf blower
A-bate: bass (i.e. Daddy's bass)
iPah: iPod
M-num-m-num: M&M's (bribery tool!)
Moobie: movie
Docker: doctor
Duckter: conductor
Dukin Donit: Dunkin' Donuts
Nana: banana
Carming: Carmen (our cat)
Hottie: sorry
Hahdee: Harry
Cared: scared
Lemon-Aidan: lemonade
Whoa-mee-dee: rosemary
Open-ador: open the door
Vidideo: video

I know there's more. He talks all the time these days. Such a huge change. He'll resort to grunting and pointing when he's tired, but mostly it's like having a tiny echo around here. Good times.

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