Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Vote for Change

(Please note that I'm a life-long, bleeding-heart, liberal Democrat. I respect anyone who disagrees, but this is a personal essay.)

Two years ago on election day, the 2006 mid-term election, I woke up early. I was anxious about voting, even though Massachusetts is always reliably Democrat. I really wanted to see a change in the house and senate and have a Democratic majority so we could send a message to the White House. I was also anxious because it was the day I was supposed to take a pregnancy test. We had been trying for several months with no luck, so I was not optimistic. I certainly didn't feel pregnant.

I got up at 6:00 and decided to test first thing. When the second (positive) line came up, I was floored. Luckily, the test was part of a three pack. I took another. Also positive. I tiptoed back into the bedroom and climbed back into bed. Hubby was listening to NPR. I said to him, "The Democrats are going to take the house and the senate today. Do you know why?" He groggily asked why. I said, "Because I am pregnant." That certainly woke him up.

We went and voted and eagerly watched the returns that night giddy with both our secret, and the election results. The Democrats, indeed, took back the house and senate that day. Our Harry has gone with us to every election since then and election day, always a special day in our house, has taken on a new significance to us because of our memories of 2006.

Yesterday, election day 2008, was probably the most significant, historic election of our lives. So, we thought it was a fitting day to announce that we are expecting our second child. I'm about 13 weeks (3 months) pregnant with our second child, who is due on Mother's Day, 2009. We have always wanted two children, and this one will be just about two years younger than our Harry. We couldn't be more pleased. This will most likely be our last child, so we are trying to enjoy this special time.

With the election results clear this morning, I'm very hopeful about the world that this child will be born into. I hope both our children will grow to understand what these results mean for so many people. I hope they grow up into a world that no longer sees its leaders as black or white, male or female, but as qualified or unqualified. I hope they see that, with the results of this election, anything is possible if you believe in it and fight for it. They will learn about this election in school as they get older, and I will be proud to tell them that they were both there that day, bringing their own little changes to the world.

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